Sipsorcery and Liberalvoip

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  1. Calvin Ng New Member

    Hello Bell,

    Sorry my mistake. Problem fixed. Very sorry to bother you again. Thanks so much.
    Calvin Ng, 14 фев 2012
  2. Calvin Ng New Member

    Hello Bell,

    I have another problem. This time is for incoming calls. I redirect incoming calls to a very long SIP URI :5010
    After re-registering the VOIP provider with your system it cuts the SIP URI to only 2137518538-20t6l3sep40xobfz@sip.
    I believe you limit the text length to 32 characters only. Can you please extend to up to 64 characters for me? Thanks.
    Calvin Ng, 20 фев 2012
  3. Bell Developer Команда форума

    Yes, we have 32 chars limit for the phone number/sip-uri. We plan to increase this field length in the nearest update.
    Now you can try this solution
    1. Create new provider
    name: anveo (for example)
    port: 5010
    user name: any non-empty string
    password: any non-empty string
    register: unchecked
    2. Save provider's settings
    3. Open provider's settings form and clear User name filed ("Имя пользователя" in russian)
    4. Save settings
    5. Create a new rule in your dialplan, something like
    Prefix "2137518538"
    Dial as "2137518538-20t6l3sep40xobfz"
    Provider anveo

    Now you can redirect incoming calls to 2137518538 number and they will be redirected to :5010
    Bell, 20 фев 2012
  4. barmalito Member

    Hello Calvin Ng,

    How do you use Sipsorcery and LiberalVoIP together? I should transfer my mobile device account from Sipsorcery to LiberalVoIP because of the codec customization possibilities here. But I'm still missing my Google Voice account registered at Sipsorcery and free outgoing calls via GV.

    Is it possible to splice both services?

    barmalito, 12 мар 2012

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